Loan Rejected? Here’s what to do

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How many of us have found themselves with the loan refused? And how many will have wondered how to do to meet their expenses?

Well, the article that we propose today wants to provide answers, but above all solutions to those who came across a refusal of loan.

Loan Rejected? Main Motivations

The reasons that explain the refusal of the loan can be many and varied and everyone should be analyzed on a case-by-case basis.

Absolute first among the reasons that explain the refusal of loan is the presence of the applicant in the database of bad payers. It is reported as bad payer due to the delay of some installments or the non-payment of the latter. Even if you have requested a loan for a short time and have not been successful or refused, you will be placed for a short time in the database, resulting in a bad payer, so you will not be able to access the loan because it would be rejected automatically, in this case usually the waiting time is 30 days.

Another reason why your loan has been refused can be the recourse to excessive financing or other expenses that led you to indebted: in case the debt should be too high, it will not be easy to help you with a loan.

You may have also received negative results due to recently obtained funding or because until now you have never had access to a loan.

Lastly, you may have been refused the loan because you have made a request directly to the Italian Post Office without demonstrating an actual income, which for this type of funding is a fundamental characteristic: it is important to show that you receive income, whether income from work or even retirement.

Loan Rejected? How to get another one

If your loan has been declined there is another easier way to get a loan. Do you want to know how? Simple!

At PrestitoA we offer loan solutions to those who need liquidity, even for those who are bad payers! Request a free quote!

If you receive a pension or employee income and the loan has been denied due to the problems described above, you can contact us. How?

The solution takes the name of assignment of the fifth. Through the transfer of the fifth we will be able to help you, offering you the most suitable loan to you. From lower figures that can allow you to worry-free on major and significant amounts, which can allow you to buy a car, for example.

All this will be assessed together with the expert consultants who will give you all the information you need. Without any kind of commitment and in a free way will be evaluated the loan estimate suitable for you.

Loan Rejected? There are also loans for bad payers

Unfortunately today it is easy to be labeled a bad payer. To date, in fact, the bad payer is the one who also delays only the payment of a single installment, even if at the distance of a few days.

The main consequence that is aggravated by a bad payer is the difficulty in obtaining new loans, especially until the report is canceled and for each specific case the duration varies.

If you want to know how much time you will have to wait, click also on the link below, you will be directed to the article related to this topic, which deals with the bad payer entitled Delete list Crif Bad Payers

If you have made a loan request and you have been refused and your only solution is a loan and you do not know how to do it, please contact us. Even if you are protested, enrolled in crif, bad payer or have had a negative response to the request for your loan for a few days, we can help you in any way. Not everyone can be financed, only permanent employees, or retirement income earners, who must be at least 600 euros to be able to guarantee the person a life, as far as possible, worthy, even for this type of loan if you are a bad payer.

In the case of employees, thanks to the guarantee of severance pay, it is possible to have access to a loan with a relevant amount, even if previously rejected by others for registration in the database as a bad payer. All this thanks to the sale of the fifth. The installment of the loan will be deducted directly on your paycheck or coupon: you will no longer have the worry of falling back into the database as a bad payer.

Choose what amount to ask, decide an installment not too high and that you feel you can pay every month and our expert consultants will make the estimate you requested. It will take only a few seconds to fill out the form that will give access to the page about the loan, even for bad payer, within 24 hours you will be contacted and all for free and without any kind of commitment, evaluate the estimate together with our experts.

Bird bathing is a must for the responsible bird lover.

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Here the animals can drink and swim all year round. It does not take much to set up a birdbath: a simple flowerpot coaster or a discarded soup plate filled with clear water will do the job.

For many garden owners, having such a birdbath can also have very self-interested benefits: when the birds drink at the water bowl, they quench their thirst less for cherries and currants.

With a birdbath, you can invite the birds into your garden or onto your balcony and watch them while bathing and drinking. The life-giving wet is gladly accepted, because in many settlements the natural waters have almost disappeared.

Especially in hot and dry weather, the LBV advises nature lovers to set up bird baths, because not only people have to drink more at high temperatures. Birds and other animals are also trying to meet their increased fluid requirements, and many natural sources of water, such as puddles and ditches, have dried up in heat.

In order for the help to actually arrive at the birds, there are some crucial rules to follow. Otherwise, the animals can easily get infected with deadly pathogens while drinking, especially in heat. The LBV experts will give you the most important drinking and bathing tips for birds.

Expertise Birds = Expertise according to §50 AMG?

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Federal School of Food Trade (Bildungszentrum Neuwied GmbH). If you are interested, you should contact the local IHK. Surely this can also call you local seminar providers.


  • Does the course also include the expertise according to AMG 50?
  • Does the course correspond to the expertise according to 50 AMG?


The expertise “birds” is NOT identical to the expertie according to 50!

The expertise according to §50 is for over-the-counter medicines! According to the German Medicines Act (AMG), an employee must be present at each (opening) time in retail establishments that offer over-the-counter medicines. 
Here is the legal text for information:

(1) Retailing outside of pharmacies with medicinal products within the meaning of Section 2 (1) or 2 No. 1, which are released for circulation outside pharmacies, may only be operated if the entrepreneur has provided a legal representative to represent the company or any person who has the required expertise of the Entrepreneur with the management of the company or with the sale. In the case of multi-operation companies, there must be one person with the necessary expertise for each operation.

(2) The necessary expertise shall be available to anyone who provides evidence of the proper filling, packaging, labeling, storage and placing on the market of medicinal products released for use outside pharmacies, as well as knowledge of the rules applicable to thse medicinal products. The Federal Ministry is authorized, in agreement with the Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology and the Federal Ministry of Education and Research by ordinance with the consent of the Bundesrat, to lay down rules on how to provide proof of the necessary expertise to ensure proper marketing of medicines. It can accept certificates of completion of a vocational education and training as proof. It may also determine that the expertie is evidenced by an audit before the competent authority or a body designated by it and that the details of the sudit requirements and the audit procedure are specified. As far as medicines intended for use in animals are concerned, the ordinance is issued by the Federal Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Consumer Protection in agreement with the Federal Ministry, the Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology and the Federal Ministry of Education and Research.

(3) No expert shall be required in accordance with paragraph 1 who put into circulation retail manufactured medicinal products which:

  1. may be used in travel industry
  2. are intended for the prevention of pregnancy or sexually transmitted diseases in humans,
  3. (deleted)
  4. exclusivley for external use certain disinfectants or;
  5. oxygen

I attended a seminar and passed my examination at the Federal School of Food Trade. If you are interested, you should contact the local IHK. Surely this can also call you local seminar providers.

Feeding the birds? Consider it done!

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All foods seasoned and salted are unsuitable as food. Even bread is not recommended as it swells in the stomach of the birds. In their diet, the birds divide into two groups: the soft-food eaters and the grain eaters.

All spiced and salted foods (bacon, boiled potatoes) are unsuitable as food. Even bread is not recommended as it swells in the stomach of the birds. In their diet, the birds divide into two groups: the soft-food eaters and the grain eaters.

Soft-food eaters prefer to eat their food on the ground. Pure soft-food eaters are robins, tern, wren, blackbird and starling. They eat animal food or only very fine seeds. They are not helped with coarse grain feed. Therefore, offer them oatmeal, poppy, bran, raisins and fruit or the compound feed available in pet shops. A special treat are oatmeal soaked in hot oil.

The more flexible among the eaters, the “omnivores” such as titmice, woodpeckers and nuthatch turn to grains in the winter and also accept sunflower seeds, hemp and poppy seeds.

The grain eaters include, for example, finches, sparrows and buntings. They are equipped with a powerful beak and eat sunflower seeds, hemp and other seeds from feed mixtures.

For the soft-food and omnivores are also fat-grain mixtures (dumplings, rings) if they are easily accessible. Most pure soft food eaters, however, prefer to take these sebum mixtures crumbled from the ground. The fat replaces the animal diet. Such fat-grain mixtures also have the advantage that the grains are protected from moisture in a fat mixture.

“Expertise Birds” Group

The group “Expert Birds” (founded 20.03.2015) is aimed at ALL who want to keep and / or breed birds.

Also welcome are children from the age of 13, assuming the parents’ permission .

The group should aim to communicate KNOWLEDGE. It does not matter whether it is about homework issues, problems around breeding / husbandry or software (bird breeding programs, apps, etc.) around the topic of birds.

The link to our Facebook page is:


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We are happy if YOU bring life to this group thorugh active participation. How it works? Post something, open a topic, create files (technical reports, feed recipes, descriptions of games, etc) or create albums that are suitable forthe subject! It should be fun and enjoyable to participare here.

We kindly ask you to refrain from posting any form of advertisement that is not related to our page. This is especially true for links that refer to online houses or any classified ad portals. In life one must abide by the rules of the game everywhere. Therefore, it is requested to adhere to the usual nettiquette. It goes without saying that we are going to remove people who do not stick to the netiquette of the group.

A certain transparency creates trust. We would therefore be pleased if new users would introduce themselves to the group with a few sentences. Don’t worry! we certainly do not expect a complete CV.

I supervise this group on a voluntary basis. But I would be glad if you would support my work. How about a “tumbs up” for Viscum album, for example? You can find me in Facebook at the address

I thank you in advance for your support!

“Dad, but I want a bird!” – Pet caring game

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Well, to show how much responsibility you take with an animal, many kids are not aware. And of course, a lot of things will end up hanging on mother or father.

Many children like large parakeets and/or parrots and want nothing more than such a bird. But a child can only guess that such a bird is not cuddly and you take a lot of responsibility with the purchase. Just parrots should not be kept in isolation, but two animals should be bought at least.

I do not know a child, which has no game console. Nintendo likes the “DS”, “DSi” or the somewhat newer “3DS” among others. It is idle to think about which is the “best”, since every child should have their own taste. Th game I am talking about is playable on the “DS” and the “DSi”. Whether a “3DS” comes with it is not known to me.

By coincidence, I discovered a game that should interest young bird lovers/ bird breeders. The English title is “My Pet Parrot” or in the US “Discovery Kids – Parrot Pals”. The covers are different, but the game is the same. It was developed and published by 505 Games in 2009 in Europe.

The game descrption sounds very interesting:

“Adopt a parrot, give it a name, take good care of it, and as soon as you can start being good friends, you can do tricks, then you can take part in competitions, ut you have to train well your new friend.”

The game description suggests a kind of Tamagotchi. But the good news is: The game does not gives you any stress, the bird friend that you adopted in the game will not die. So you do not have to constantly carry the console with you.

First you enter the “bird center”. There you have to chose your care first. You can choose from a budgerigagr, a cockatiel, a rosebud, a pink cockatoo, a sun-kissed parakeet or a gray parrot. After choosing a ird, you are asked to speak with him and give him a name. Subsequently, the saleswoman explains how to take care of the bird. It also states that assistance is provided at the bir center. Then the game menu appears. This is divided into “nursing”, “games”, “training”, “competition”, “watching” and bird center.

My personal summary of advantages

  • A child learns playfullt that an animal needs attention and care.
  • If you have not looked after the bird for a long time, the animal does not die! But you will see that the food and water is empty. The basic care then goes before the training.
  • You can tell if a child is reading to take some responsibility. If your child does not pay too much attention about the Nintendo bird, that shows that your child is not that interested in taking care of live bird.


  • If you choose the room, then you will always see a round, not species-appropriate cage. That should have been solved better. Even otherwise, a lot is not appropriate and needs improvement (keyword: individual attitude!)
  • Unfortunately, there is a very big downer. The game is only commercially available with luck. My personal tip here are online auction houses and the UK Amazon shopping website. With luck you only have to pay a few euros.

Bird for children

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It occurred to me to create a page for children that should revolve around the topic of birds . This arises “gradually”.

The goal is to learn about the world of birds with pleasure.

Participation is expressly allowed and desired! The website grows through you. But what do we need? Some examples:

  • Joking questions about birds
  • Jokes around birds
  • Quotes, life wisdom, sayings
  • self-made quiz questions
    • Question and a maximum of 3 answers to choose from, but only one is “right”.
  • self-created information articles
  • self-written presentations
    • These should have been rated at least “good” at school.
  • self-made worksheets for the school

Feel like?
Excellent ! Then I’m looking forward to seeing you.

Blog project: The parakeet

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Parakeets (Neophema splendida) are quite rare in the wild and have even been declared extinct, but rediscovered in 1931. He is a beautiful bird that can be kept in captivity in good conditions and even breed. They breed two to three times a year.

Brilliant Parakeets live in the wild in the dry, desert-like areas of southern Australia, where they inhabit shrubby acacia and eucalyptus populations. They are closely bound to arid mallees in their distribution. They prefer the regions that have only a sparse soil vegetation.

Unfortunately, there is no single textbook, which deals only with gloss parakeets. So far, I have only found books on neophytes in general. From time to time I will post my findings here, but also posts that can be found in books or journals.

The purpose of the whole blog project is to gather knowledge about glimmering parrots in order to give something to beginners as well. Gradually, however, a website will emerge, which can be reached on its own domain. The following web addresses are planned, but they will all lead to the same content:


But … good things will take a while.

Do you know the “EhrenamtCard”?

To whom is the EhrenamtsCard Awarded?

  • those who are 18 years old and above
  • engage in at least five hours a week
  • have been actively involved (or since founding) in a club, organization or initiative for at least five years
  • engage in volunteer work in the participating district or in the independent city
  • received no expense allowances that go beyond a cost of compensation
  • if you volunteer for at least five hours per week, you can get the Hessain volunteer card

For more information:

All the other information, as well as the responsible clerk, can be found on this web address:

Feed cookies for birds

Image result for bird feeding on winterIf it is cold that you can build a snowman out there and cover a thick layer of snow forest and meadows, then you can help the birds that do not move into warm south to get well over the winter. The bird keepers also call this “winter feeding”.

During Advent, many people in the family bake cookies and other goodies. We have a recipe here, how to make a delicious food cookie for birds. The star here is an example of what the whole thing can look like afterwards. 

It is important that you make the food cookies together with your parents. It’s much more fun anyway, and you’re better protected from danger than being alone in the kitchen. Now, let’s go.